Centenary of the Porcelain Museum – 1916 to 2016

A cordial welcome to the museum of Meissen Porzellan Stiftung GmbH, since 2015 proprietor of the museum holdings of the MEISSEN® State Porcelain Manufactory and the body supervising its Porcelain Museum.

In 2016 we shall be celebrating the centenary of a museum in which highlights produced in Meissen Porcelain® over the past 300 years and more are on display on two floors. A special exhibition running from March 2016 will take you back to 1916, shedding light on the reasons behind the museum as well as on how it has evolved over the years. The exhibition on the first floor is being revamped, with porcelains due to be re-arranged, supplemented and replaced.

A trip down the centuries

The special “All nations are welcome” exhibition on the second floor invites you to track down references to contemporary life contained in porcelain over the centuries. Theatre, ballet, politics or art have always left their mark on Meissen Porcelain®. Discover a unique collection of Meissen Porcelain® ranging from 1710 to the present day and follow that with a visit to the Demonstration Workshops at the Porcelain Manufactory. Visiting us will prove an unforgettable experience for you.